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Licensing of 5420

Licensing of 5420

New Contributor II

Good evening,
I hope my message finds you well.
We have acquired Extreme Networks switches  5420 series that came with ExtremeXOS and we want to migrate them to ExtemeVOSS.
Our main concern is whether Extreme Networks licenses are linked to the serial number or the operating system, in other words, are ExtremeXOS licenses valid for ExtremeVOSS?

Thank you for helping us understand.


Extreme Employee

The license is tied to the Switch s/n,

If you require premier license features for eithter EXOS/SwitchEngine or VOSS/FabricEngine, its the same license you load into the switch.

The big thing you must remember is that when you change switch O/S the entire flash system gets erased.  So you MUST backup the license file and re-load into the switch after changing the O/S. 

You would backup the license file to a USB key or off the switch using FTP, CSP etc etc,