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Announcing a new Release Notes page!

Announcing a new Release Notes page!

Extreme Employee
The Information Development Team has created a new repository for release notes -- and no login is required! View the new Release Notes page here:

We are currently uploading release notes for firmware and software released in 2015, and will post new release notes here going forward. For release notes prior to 2015 or for legacy products, continue to consult your support portal.

We are also starting to offer release notes in HTML, but the PDF can still be downloaded for your convenience.

We look forward to hearing your feedback about this new page!


New Contributor III
Hello Christina, the new release notes page seems not to be uptodate everytime. Today I "discovered" that the latest V10.41.x release is version V10.41.06 while browsing around at the new Download Portal page - Thats the way I search for the lastest release, because of the nearly unusable search engine.

After downloading the new release I checked the release note page and noticed that the link for the latest V.10.41.06 is missing - this is terrible because this page was to only working way to check if i really downloaded the lastest software release... Mail notifications for newly released software versions are days delayed or I get not notification. So checking the release note page multiple times per weeks was my only trustable source of information.

Finally I found a away to get what i was looking for: I browsed the main directory of extreme wireless release notes:

There I found the V10.41.06.0013 pdf. It would be really great if the web site devolopers improve both sections - release notes page and the download portal. I think this will made many partners and customers happy. My customers told my the are unhapping, too.

Maintime i will devolope my own check script to get a automatic notification that a new release arrived.

Best regards

New Contributor III
Update: Browsing the "Products" section of the Extreme Networke websites is more "trustable". There are the lastest versions listed.


New Contributor III
A4/B5/C5 series got a new update but release notes page does not list the new versions. So it seems it is not automatically synchronize with extranet portal.

Thanks for your comment! Unfortunately our release notes process is not automatic, but we are trying to make it more seamless. The new A4/B5/C5 release notes will be up on the new page tomorrow morning.