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Community Interaction || Networking Neighbors

Community Interaction || Networking Neighbors

Valued Contributor III
As you know, The Hub is a community of Extreme Networks enthusiasts from all over the world. So now it’s time to get to know your "Networking Neighbors."

I’ll start.

I’ve been with Extreme Networks for just over 9 years. I started as an L1 Technical Support Engineer and was quickly promoted to L2 Escalation Support Engineer. Next, I took over management of our Global Services/TAC Lab. Since then, I’ve designed and built two labs in India, planned/designed/moved 35 racks of lab gear to our new office in North Carolina in under a week, and implemented a program to teach a team of network engineering interns to accommodate lab requests from GTAC. Our NC lab is basically a small datacenter – ~20 VMware servers hosting ~75 VMs, 2 storage arrays, 2 network cores, and ~25 distribution switches for aggregation of management ports for somewhere around 1000 devices. It’s my job as Sr. Lab Systems Engineer to take on new projects and keep the lab running!

On top of this and other roles, I’ve also been The Hub's Community Manager since October, 2014. I’ve always enjoyed helping people and this is another outlet where I can make a difference – there’s always plans to keep improving our community, so keep an eye out! When I’m not tinkering in the lab, I enjoy gaming, college sports, and craft beers.

Now it’s your turn!
Please take a minute to share a little bit about your expertise, background, hobbies, specific networking areas of interest – anything you’re comfortable disclosing (employer is interesting but certainly not required). Maybe you’ve got colleagues or coworkers who can benefit from spending some time here... invite them to join us!


Updated Feb 20, 2019

New Contributor II
Hello Everyone

I am Luthango and i am a Jnr Network engineer from south africa, I am very new to extreme as i come from a cisco background. I am pretty excited working with extreme switch for the last year till now. I really like the extreme products and i am hoping i can learn from others in this group too.

My hobbies involve motorcycle riding for hours exploring my country and i love food.

Valued Contributor III

Glad to have both of you join us on The Hub!

New Contributor III

same here i am also from cisco background.

New Contributor

I am very new to extreme networks and actually hoping this is the right platform for my needs. I have just taken on a new job as network engineer and find I have to work with more than just Cisco devices! I am earnestly looking forward to learning from the wealth of experience of others here. Thanks