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Extranet: Organization vs. individual accounts

Extranet: Organization vs. individual accounts

Contributor III
Hi there,

Currently we are three people in our company having accounts in the Extranet.
As far as support is concerned this works ok.
As far as licenses are concerned this does not work so well (one license in one account, other license in the other account, etc.)

In the support section it allows me to display "All My Organistation's Cases", which is neat.
But is there an administrator for the organization like in other portals? Where can I see or set it?

Or should I simply create a generic account for our organization and move all licenses etc. into there? Who would I contact for those changes?


New Contributor III
Licensing does not function like Online Case Management, so it is not possible for multiple Extranet accounts to view or update any given license voucher.

As desired you may create a generic email address (for example, and a matching Extranet account. As part of a GTAC Support case we can then move all of your licensing there. Access-authorized persons would share the login credentials, and use this account for only licensing purposes. Their existing personal Extranet accounts would remain in use for all other purposes.