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New Portal

New Portal

New Contributor III
I am having issues with the new portal. First, finding a link off the page is not easy. The support link takes you to the old support page. Then clicking on case manager takes you to the transition page and then you have to figure out to open a case you need to click on downloads and licenses link to get the new portal login.

Add to that all the links I tried in the knowledge base are now invalid.

Any hope of cleaning all this up?

New Contributor III
Completing my first RMA on the new portal. This is a continuation of a previous problem that at one time in the past had been fixed. The original case shows the case number of the RMA case but the RMA case does not show the case number of the original case. I should not have to click through all of the original cases to match the RMA number on the box to the problem it belongs to.

The RMA cases that are opened also do not show up in my case list unless I search specifically for the RMA number.

Not a portal problem but does add to the fun.
The box does not have the RMA number clearly labeled. (the number closest to "RMA" is not the RMA number)

Got it. I agree and we're working to ensure search maintains the case hierarchy.

A RMA Case will always be a sub-case to the Case/Escalation. That ensures a single case number per transaction with GTAC.

Yes, that is what happened. If a separate a case going to be created for an RMA the references need to be fully circular. At the minimum just a note in the RMA case that references the original case would be helpful. Also, the RMA has been created as a case so don't know why it would not show up in the case list without searching. It is the one that should have the green RMA flag out to the right.

Hey Curtis,

Let's talk through this. Make sure I follow your feedback.

All your RMA(s) will pull up using the "Advanced Filter" option in Case Management. This is easiest way to see the entire list.


In terms of the list view, there is a Case Management Hierarchy to keep in mind on the new portal. I've illustrated the relationship below.


If you do search for the RMA Number directly, it will show as a case and lose the hierarchy to it's parent case. This is a temporary situation that is slated to be fixed in the future and may explain your experience here. Is that what happened?