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HP 830 24P firmware

HP 830 24P firmware

New Contributor


Our company has an HP 830 24 switch that we use to control the wireless network. I need the latest firmware to fix some of the connection issues we're experiencing. But I can't find it because HP only gives this firmware to those with a support agreement. I don't want to make a support agreement just for a switch firmware upgrade. Where can I find the firmware file named hp830_5.20.R3507P73. I would be grateful if you help.


Valued Contributor III

Hi Dstuncer.

We will be happy to replace your HP 830 24 switches with our products. Many of our products are covered by Limited Lifetime Warranty. Access to the firmware is available during the whole lifetime of such a device. Check this: Please contact our sales team for a commercial offer.  

HPE is a direct competitor of Extreme Networks.

Sincerely yours.


Regards Zdeněk Pala