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MIBS of endian UTM firewall to XMC

MIBS of endian UTM firewall to XMC

New Contributor

We want to use the XMC to read alerts and information of Endians Firewall UTM. Have got someone the mibs to this software? Someone adding this devices into XMC?


Extreme Employee

Hello Julio.

XMC can receive and process syslog or trap/inform events from any device, if properly configured.

You will have to obtain MIBs from the product vendor. We would not source these MIBs for you.

MIBS are added to the MyMibs sub-directory on XMC. Please see this article for information. It's a bit outdated but the core components are there.

To add the device to XMC as a managed device, properly configure SNMPv1/v2/v3 on the device and create the corresponding SNMP profile in XMC (Administration -> Profiles). From Network -> Devices then Add the device to inventory. Configure the device to point to the XMC server IP as a syslog and/or trap/inform target endpoint.

For traps/informs you will have to also source from your vendor the private traps/informs your device originates and modify the trapd.conf file found on XMC with the trap/inform definitions you would like XMC record. This is not an easy task so if you are looking for assistance with this I would recommend opening a case with GTAC support.

Hi Robert,

I have a problem with resolve Syslog of the endian (Community in this case). The XMC says "No supported"



As it is a third-party device the Register Syslog / Register Trap Receiver functions are not applicable and are "Not Supported". You will have to manually access the device via terminal / CLI and configure syslog to point to the IP address of XMC/XIQ-SE.