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XMC-Archive Error

XMC-Archive Error

New Contributor II


I had a problem with one Stack in the XMC.
Here is th case:
the XMC could save the konfiguration of the Stack but we had restarted the stack and after the restarting ,the XMC could not save the konfiguration again . what could be the problem ? .

Note : I can save th configuration on TFTP server using CLI but the XMC-Script can not.

and the alarm (the Reason of fail saving ) ist :schedule time ist out




New Contributor II

Hi ,

t am trying to change the TFTP-Script but i donit know wher exactly should i save the neue Script .

According the Steps of Saveing a Script in XMC ,I must  save the new Script to the :

/usr/local/Extreme_Networks/Netsight/appdata/InventoryMgr/properties/devicefiles directory

but I can not found the old Script in the same directory .

where I kann find the the old Script and where must I exactly save the new Script ?



The location for the stock scripts is:


The location where you place new / override scripts is:



If you are using a stock script as a template for any new / override script you must ensure you change the name="" value within the .txt file itself before placing it in the override sub-directory above.

Extreme Employee

You will not be able to directly TFTP the file to XMC outside of the Archive operation. It is prohibited and you will receive a permissions error.

It could simply be a timing issue. Most scripts have a default of around 30s for the save configuration to complete. If that now takes longer then the archive script will ultimately fail.

You can modify the stock script or create copies to change these timeouts. Articles on this are in our support GTAC KB repository.

Please consider opening a case w/ GTAC if you continue to have issues resolving this matter.