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Android 11 Update - Server Certificate Validation Error and Solution

Android 11 Update - Server Certificate Validation Error and Solution

Contributor II

Hi fellow Hero's

With the new Android 11 update being pushed out now.

"In December 2020, the planned Android 11 QPR1 security update will disable the ability to select “Do not validate” for the “CA Certificate” dropdown in network settings for a given SSID"

While the change itself is a minor one, it will have a disproportionately far-reaching impact. Many organizations use this setting to avoid implementing proper EAP server certificate validation due to the perceived difficulty of configuring x.509 digital certificate authentication.

Come December, Androids configured with this workaround will find their Wi-Fi services interrupted. Organizations need to address this issue now to prevent chaos as updates gradually roll out to Android devices throughout the month.

Managed devices are easy to configure and enroll, but most Android devices on a network are (understandably) BYOD. That means that, at some point in the process of configuration, the end user has to be involved. There are a myriad of different types of Androids and, despite their common operating system, they rarely all follow the same configuration blueprint. "


Some other Vendors allows for installation of a Certificate to Android devices using their NAC solutions. Will Extreme have a solution for this or is it something that we would need to look at some 3rd party?