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Wiflex integration - Upgrade Required

Wiflex integration - Upgrade Required

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello all! We wanted to share an announcement sent out by Wiflex to all Extreme Networks customers. If you have any Wiflex integrations, you'll want to be sure to read the message below: 

Extreme Networks has announced an upgrade to their APIs, with the older versions set to be deprecated from 2024. This means that it is essential for all Extreme/Aerohive customers to upgrade their Wiflex settings this year to ensure continued compatibility and performance. Below, you can find a straightforward guide outlining the steps you need to take to complete this upgrade:


  • Login to wiflex portal (
  • Go to WiFi integration
  • On the top you will see an orange area where you need to fill in the Extremecloudiq username and password. This user must have operator or administrator rights (may not be an external admin). This login will not be saved on our servers.
  • If you filled in the login details, you can click on the upgrade button.
  • After the upgrade everything needs to work like before. But we recommend checking it and if there are any problems you can contact our support (