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A-Series Switch VLAN Configuration

A-Series Switch VLAN Configuration

New Contributor

I have some queries on configuring VLAN on our network having the combination of Enterasys A series & C5 series switches which is connected to CISCO 3650 via CISCO ASA Firewall
(Refer the below schematic network diagram)

We need to create VLAN2,3,4 for Enterasys A- Series Switch which connects the computer FAS1,FAS2 & FAS3 with IP range, respectively.

VLAN2 connected computers on A- Series switch need to connect the servers on VLAN2 of CISCO 3650 switch .
Similarly VLAN3 on A - Series switch will able to connect servers on VLAN3 of CISCO 3650
VLAN4 on A - Series switch will able to connect servers on VLAN4 of CISCO 3650

What are all the configuration need to be done on A, C5 series switches & CISCO 3650 , firewalls to meet the requirements.



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Per the Pluggable Transceivers datasheet, the C5-Series is compatible with the MGBIC-02, which is a 1-gigabit-only RJ45 SFP transceiver with a reach of 100 meters.
So yes, in theory one could use a copper SFP transceiver on a C5 switch to connect to one of the ASA 5515-X's gigabit ethernet ports.

On the other hand, on the C5G124-24/48(P2) and C5K125-24/48(P2) it would be simpler and more economical to use one of its native front-panel 10/100/1000 RJ45 ports instead of installing a MGBIC-02. In considering this I haven't yet hit upon a scenario in which it would make good sense to use other than a native port for a copper connection.

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Hi Jeremy Gibbs,

Thanks for you quick reply.. Now we got idea how to proceed with VLAN configuration to meet the requirements.

I have one more question on connecting C5 series switch to CISCO ASA 5515-X Firewall.

We bought ASA 5515-X Firewall (6GE - Data + 1GE - Mgmt configuration).

How we can connect C5 series to Firewall ?
Can we use copper SFP transceivers on C5 switch and then connect to firewall?

Create your vlans on the C series. Assign the IP addresses and subnet masks to the L3 interface

Next, the uplink port to the A4 from the C5
set vlan egress 2,3,4 ge.1.1 tagged
From the A4 to the C5
(first run (set vlan create 2,3,4))
set vlan egress 2,3,4 fe.1.1 tagged

Do the same for other uplink port to the other A4 and so on. You are tagging the port all the way through. Cisco would call this a trunk.

I am assuming you are doing passtrough firewalling on the ASA. So the uplink port to the ASA from the C5
set vlan egress 2,3,4 ge.1.2 tagged

On the cisco firewall you might need to create subinterfaces for each of the VLANS and turn on intra-interface and inter-interface routing:

same-security-traffic permit inter-interface
same-security-traffic permit intra-interface

Then tag each of the subinterfaces and put them in the same sercuity group.

Then on the other side (Cisco)
int gig 0/1
switchport mode trunk

For the access ports

int gig 0/4
switchport access vlan 4