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Can LSR/LSP labels be added to a standard vlan?

Can LSR/LSP labels be added to a standard vlan?

Contributor III
Ok I have a client who feels the should be able to add LSR/LSP labels without me having to provision a vman for this service. I know we can create a vman and untag it on each side of the network and be very successful in delivering the MPLS packets with labels intact. This client has an established NNI interface where we pass stand vlans tagged and transport them across the networks and also tag then on the edge where they have a Juniper cpe device installed. They are moving to an all MPLS core on the NNI side and have attempted to send MPLS frames across out network but eh LSR/LSP labeling is being stripped off once it hits our part of their links. We have enabled jumbo frame size across all the network but I believe this in normal behavior and we will continue to drop the LSR/LSP unless we convince this client to except a tagged vman from us....

Look forward to hearing from any of you who diddle with MPLS ... Thanks ahead of time

New Contributor II

That isn't a normal behavior since all path are with jumbo enabled feature.
The switch will not look into theses packets, as I understand it is as a L2 NE , right?
Both sides of the customer are Juniper?