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The demo of the poor man, or how to do more with less (V2110)

The demo of the poor man, or how to do more with less (V2110)

New Contributor
Hello good morning.
I ask for your help to achieve something that is out of the norm, but in our case, it would solve some problems;
I have to make a demonstration of a pair of access points Identifi (3805i), and the approach is to make it virtualizing the V2110 controller.

1 pc with win 10, in which we have working a version of Vmware Worksation Pro

1 Switch 3510 with PoE, Avaya
2 ap 3085i

I have already created the virtual machine and it works (at least it seems that way) without any problem. We can enter the Extreme portal and visualize the options of the controller.
What I can't do is to register the access point, and I suspect it would have to do with the fact that the pc that is virtualizing, only has 1 ethernet port, and when virtualizing, the interfaces esa0 and esa1 are bridged to the ethernet output of this machine.

Is there any detail that might be becoming obvious?
It is not clear to me if the administration interface has to be different from the data plane interface (

Any that can give tips on how should be the network configuration between the virtual computer, the Avaya switch and the administration pc?

It sounds very newbie, and we are trying to understand if it is possible to make the registration of the ap´s with this equipment that we have at hand.

Any information you can provide, will be useful and allow us to learn more about the proper functioning of the controladroa and the AP´s

Thank you in advance


Contributor III

As Tomasz said you will need to create a physical interface on esa0 and in vsphere map it to a vswitch, don't map both esa0 and esa1 to the same vswitch, if you only have 1 physical NIC you can achieve what you require.

Follow these 2 articles:


Valued Contributor II
Hi Israel,

Normally a virtual controller has three ports: admin, esa0 and esa1. They appear in that order when you assign vNICs to the machine.
For V2110 you should do couple of things from the beginning:
- create a new topology of type 'Physical', that is using esa0 port and a proper VLAN ID and IP with regards to your network,
- the admin port should be put down,
- then you should reach the controller GUI and the APs should register to the controller.
I don't remember VMware Workstation very well right now, but there should be any option to create more virtual interface, first and third can be put down at all (or added to some dummy network within Workstation and turned off from within V2110) but the second one must be bound to your physical interface (bridged mode).
I'm not sure if you can put your VM network in promiscuous mode and with 'trunk' option (in VMware vSphere/ESXi that is called VGT and is based mainly on VLAN ID set to 4095 on a virtual switch port group, what instructs the server to pass all the tagged traffic without manipulating the 802.1Q tags).

For the first steps you might like this:
create esa0 physical port esa0 tag
mgmt enable
ap-register enable
route default
applyIf you want to have physical topology of V2110 tagged (as shown in the example above), take care to have this VLAN tagged on a switch port to your PC (vlan member add ).
I assume your PC handles 802.1Q, if not then try with untagged topology.

Is your issue related to buying a HW or VMware software? ESXi should be free of charge. I remember running that on a regular PC instead of Windows. 😉

Hope that helps,