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Add route to VRF

Add route to VRF

New Contributor

Hi Experts

I'm quite new in this.

I ned to add a static to a vrf in our VSP8284XSQ Switch.

When a do a : sh ip route vrf MYVRF     i got this

DST           MASK          NEXT           VRF/ISID COST FACE PROT AGE TYPE PRF       MYVRF       1          5         STAT  0       IB       5 MYVRF       1          5         STAT   0       IB       5      MYVRF        1          5         STAT 0        IB        4

I just need to add a route here.

Any help available?





Contributor III

Is there a problem with the documentation? I'm not sure ... this seems pretty basic. What is the actual problem?

And why am I getting mails all day long from Extreme Community, it's as if I was suddenly subscribed to all forums...

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Thanks for your reply! I just need to add a route in the VRF. In the documentation i found  this

-> ip route (for a VRF)
Configure a default route for a VRF. To assign a static route to specify a gateway address route for the management interface,
configure the static route in the MgmtRouter VRF context. You can specify up to four static routes for the management interface.

At this point i  didn't find the way to enter the VRF context. I know it's quite basic but it's a production switch and i don't want to mess things up.

Probably is a quicki for you...

Thanks for your help


Best regards

New Contributor

Need to go into the VRF first and then add route under it:

conf t
router vrf MYVRF 
ip route
write mem

New Contributor


Thanks for you answer, it is really appreciated.

when i try the command, i got this error:
% Incomplete command. See '^' marker.

The  marker is at the end, so i got to add somethings.

here is the command that should make it...
ip route local-next-hop enable

but i got this error:
Error: Cannot find route

At this point, it looks like the command wants to modify an existing route.
IP route add didn't do it neither 😞

So i'm still unable to add a route from the cli.


Best regards