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XIQ-SE CLI scripts taking ages to complete

XIQ-SE CLI scripts taking ages to complete

New Contributor

Hi guys, I am playing around with tasks and scripting on XIQ-SE and just starting off with some basic CLI scripts putting some commands on to some VOSS switches. I have a config that is about 200 or so lines which if I copy and paste myself directly into the CLI takes about 10 seconds to complete. When I run the same script from XIQ-SE it takes about 15 minutes to complete. Looking at the output it seems to hang everytime there is a password or key prompt. Where there are commands to add user accounts or change passwords or add SNMP credentials I see the below in the resulting output:


Error: session exceeded timeout: 30 secsError: session exceeded timeout: 30 secsRe-enter the New password : ****************

 It seems as if it times out 30 seconds each time it gets one of these prompts, but it also seems the input is eventually successful as the config and password changes all seem to take effect. I don't actually see the related commands in the output but I wonder if this is a security feature to remove the plaintext passwords/keys?

I also notice that it seems to automatically respond with "y" to prompts that need confirmation, should I remove these from my script and it will automatically confirm them?