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New Contributor
hello, can someone please tell me what is the exam code for ECNA - EXOS Fundamentals? i'm little bit confused about between the ECNA - EOS Fundamentals and the EXOS Fundamentals, what the differences between the two exams ?

Extreme Employee
Hello Tomasz and Rukia, we just made a change on the proctoring process for the exams so I wanted to update you straight away....

We've decided to end proctoring based on customer and partner feedback. Below is an extract from the message I sent to our WW teams earlier today. Rohan Abey. Director, Extreme Networks

In 2017 Extreme Networks introduced Virtual On Line Proctoring for technical exams as part of the Extreme Certified Specialist (ECS) certification process. As our training volume has significantly increased over the last 6 months we have been listening to customer feedback and reviewing our processes. Based on this review we have decided to end Virtual On Line Proctoring for ECS exams. A successful exam will still be required to achieve certification but it will be un-proctored and on line.

This will come into effect from 8th September 2018. Proctored exam bookings will continue to be accepted up to 7th September, and from 8th September all ECS exams will be available on line in the Extreme Networks Learning portal.

As we further develop our training portfolio we may introduce in person proctoring for selected advanced exams.

Valued Contributor II
Hello Rukia,

The exams are now proctored via some online service. Because of that, you will not get the codes directly, you have to schedule a proctored session via the partner portal. Then, after you connect and get in touch with a person that will monitor your exam, that person will paste the code so you can make your attempt. I know Extreme reviews that process (which has been derived from acquired vendor I believe) but that's how it goes right now.
EOS Fundamentals is about EOS based hardware (so ex-Enterasys devices, different CLI and some features), while EXOS Fundamentals is about EXOS (so pure purple boxes). I believe EOS-related classes are obsolete so you should definitely stick to EXOS Fundamentals.

Kind regards,