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What summit switch would be good to use for practice?

What summit switch would be good to use for practice?

New Contributor II
I like using virtual EXOS and all, but I'm aware there's some functionality that just can't be emulated in a VM (same is true for VMs from other vendors, too). I was looking around on ebay, considering getting 2-3 summit switches to add to my practice lab, and wasn't sure which model would be the closest equivalent to what I can run in my EXOS VMs.

I'm also guessing I'd have to get licenses to enable all the functionality on the physical switches, correct?

New Contributor II
Terrific! Thanks folks 🙂

Extreme Employee
As already mentioned by Chad, it depends on which features are you planning to test.

You can check both links below for License information and which License is used by switch model (you can navigate using the left menu when using these links for more details):

Licenses based on platform:

Core License Features:

Contributor III
Summit 440 ... summit 250 ... summit 450.... First one is current summit switch that will have more layer 3 functions. Next two are older models that still have some layer 3 functions to play with. Last one is also an older model that would have a bit more horsepower. Other than enabling the demo full licenses on these you will need to discuss with GTAC on whither you can update to newer code and how current you can get....

One thing to note on the X440 and X250 is that these do not support features included in the core license. While the trial license that Rebecca suggested will allow these features to be configured, they may not behave correctly as the switch does not have hardware support for some features.