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Where can I find information on general setup of switch and configuring vlans

Where can I find information on general setup of switch and configuring vlans

New Contributor
Please we bought a lot of switches from Extreme and I have the responsibility of configuring them. I have put this away for so long and cannot do so anymore. Can anyone please tell me how I can go about configuring the switches for vlans and for general setup like changing the username and password. I will really appreciate your help. The vlans will have to be able to talk to specific vlans and route. We use the summit X440 and 48 ports. I have not been able to do anything on them for so long. Just using the basic functionality. PLEASE HELP.

Extreme Employee
You may also find that our Self-Paced Training Modules will help. See the conversation name "Extreme Networks Self-Paced Training"

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Suzanne is spot on... the ENA training will get you a long way in understanding the products, capabilities, management options, and basic commands. We run all new NOC T2 through this training and it has paid off

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Hi Ruth,
Welcome to The Hub (and to Extreme Networks!).

You may find our "Deployment Jumpstart" to be helpful. It has lots of examples for basic switch administration. For reference, it's located on the documentation page.
GTAC Knowledge is loaded with new articles every day - chances are good that your questions can be answered there.
There's also an excellent blog post detailing the bare essentials to configuring EXOS:

If you get stuck anywhere along the way, come back and see us!