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 Cannot Create a Case Ticket

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Qrowdz posted 12-08-2020 02:27

Hi, i have a contract with ExtremeWorks Service, i want to create a ticket for RMA but it always shows 404 (like the picture below) 


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is your account (email and so on) to the portal mapped to an maintenance contract?

No Account Association looks like there is no contract information.


While you createing the account following information is requestest:

“Please enter any other information such as Sold-to, serial number, contract, PO or other identifying information you believe might help us complete your registration”


You can write to:  portal@extremenetworks.com and request to fix the problem.

Please add the information which I have described above.



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What browser are you using? Did you try a other browser?

I can’t use chrome(chromium-based) browser for downloading new firmware. I always use firefox for that.