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 Is it possible to add an external user to a case?

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dleboeuf posted 09-07-2021 21:48



I had a case open for a customer regarding a chassis failure. The customer received the replacement chassis, and the RMA case was closed. The customer is now requesting that I add/assign the case to them. Is this possible at all? Can some one from GTAC change the owner of a closed ticket to someone who isn’t at my company? Do I have the ability to do this if I reopen the ticket up?


Thank you!

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AFAIK you can ask GTAC engineer to add one person from the outside in the loop but I’m not sure if that applies to closed cases. Worth trying.


Hope that helps,


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Sam Pirok

Once the case is closed for 5 business days, we can not change the case details or reopen the case. If the case is closed for less than 5 business days, the tech should be able to either reassign the case or add a secondary contact for you. If the case has been closed too long to alter it, you can always open a new case and reference the old case number in the new case, so we can tie the two together in our system. I don’t think that would let the new owner see the old case from a different account, but the tech would know the origins of the new case and be able to write out a summary of the old case for the new case if needed. 

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Ruth Capps
Pleased to see your question as I think I have the same question, I am also confused and in need of light on this same issue. Need help.

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