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Are there any statistics exposed for an MLT, or only its component interfaces? The MLT exists under ENTITY-MIB but nowhere else that I can find with an snmpwalk:SNMPv2-SMI::mib- = STRING: "MLT- mizar-d LAG1"SNMPv2-SMI::mib-
I have an SSID that I want advertised only on 2.4GHz in most locations, but 5GHz as well in some areas. I looked at a classification rule, but that only does the AP, not the radio. I know I could go and turn the SSID off on each AP I didn't want it o...
How do you configure MAC authentication on the wired ports of AP302W? I found a post from someone saying they'd done RADIUS auth in general but no details https://community.extremenetworks.com/t5/extremecontrol/how-to-authenticate-through-nac-when-co...
I have an XIQ AP410C connected to a 5420 running Fabric Engine with auto-sense enabled. Fabric Attach is working fine, and the AP is also put onto the right VLAN and authenticated. The AP drops the clients onto the correct I-SID via FA, but the switc...
I am moving from using LLDP to send a voice VLAN, to using ExtremeControl to do the same, with Fabric Attach on an EXOS switch. This means sending the VLAN untagged instead of tagged, with FA-VLAN-ISID set to 0:10010100 (where 10010100 is my Voice I-...