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  • 1.  MAC addresse from Cisco Switches

    Posted 01-12-2022 00:49
    We have a mixed environment with Cisco und Extreme Switches and monitored with XMC.
    On Extreme we controll the LAN acces with Extreme Control.

    Does anyone have experience how can I search in Compass MAC addresses that are learned on Cisco Switches?
    Or what we have to prepare that it works?

    The would very heplfull, so we could find MAC addresses from both Cisco and Extreme.

    Thank's in advance

  • 2.  RE: MAC addresse from Cisco Switches

    Posted 01-17-2022 06:40
    A Update:
    Cisco Switche have die MAC addresses per VLAN, but Compass search only what the Cisco switch learn over trunk ports.
    If I do  this snmpwalk on XMC, I see the MAC addresses per VLAN:

    snmpwalk -v2c -c public@102

    What could are the options to search over Copmass on Cisco Switches per VLAN on XMC?