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  • 1.  Restore VSP4850 from Backup

    Posted 01-06-2022 02:20
    Edited by CraigB 01-06-2022 03:19

    I've had a to replace a VSP 4850 due to USB issues (Cant save the config) This VSP is one of my Core switches.


    A new switch has arrived from Extreme  and I've upgraded the base image to and I've restored from backup the same config that's on the broken switch.


    Something in the back of my mind is saying that if I swap them out the fabric will see a duplicate sys ID/nickname and wont let the new switch join.


    spbm 1 nick-name 0.01.02


    system-id 00bb.0001.0200


    Is there a command to allow the new switch be accepted by the fabric?



  • 2.  RE: Restore VSP4850 from Backup

    Posted 01-06-2022 03:24
    For a workaround I've changed the nick-name and System_ID to something unique not currently being used in the SPBM /ISIS

    Disabled ISIS. 

    router ISIS 
    spbm 1 nick-name 0.01.16
    system-id 00bb.0001.1600
    router isis enable

    From experience this will allow the new switch join and no duplicates will be seen. 

    If there is another way please let me know as we take monthly backups of our switches (or when a change has been made) and a procedure to change the nick-name/system-id will have to be drawn up.

  • 3.  RE: Restore VSP4850 from Backup
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    Posted 01-07-2022 05:13
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    In the release 7.0 "Administering VSP Operating System Software" document (attached) on page 49 you can find the command to use on the new switch to temporarily disable duplicate detection.
    • If restoring the configuration files on a different switch, use the "isis dup-detection-temp-disable" command on the new switch to suspend duplicate detection prior to its insertion into the existing SPBM topology.


    9035539_AdminVOSS_7.1_ADG.pdf   2.83 MB 1 version