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Upgrading X460-48t to 5520-48t

  • 1.  Upgrading X460-48t to 5520-48t

    Posted 05-31-2022 23:04
    Edited by Brian B. 05-31-2022 23:10
    Hello All (first post!) - 

    Apologies, but I'm fairly new at this. I inherited a pair of X460s that are going EOSL and we're looking to replace them with a pair of 5520s. The pair is configured as a 'stack' and are the core switches at our datacenter. These 460s are pretty old and wondering if I can just restore the config to the 5520s? I imaging the XOS is quite a bit different. I was able to TFTP the primary config for backup. 

    My plan would be to turn the 5520s on, let them pull a dhcp address and then upgrade the firmware first. From there, not sure if there is more I need to do before restoring the config - but I know I want to avoid an IP conflict, so just wondering the best way to do this. TY.