end users disconnecting every 10 minutes

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End users are  disconnecting every 10 minutes and getting connected automatically , is there any default timeout period for Access Point or end users.......
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Posted 3 years ago

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the only default timeout is the idle timout of 30minutes.
That is if the client doesn't rx/tx data for 30minutes the controller deletes the client session.
That normaly only happens if the client leaves the coverage area for min.30 minutes.

You'd find the timeout in > VNS > WLAN Services > WLAN Service XYZ > Advanced >
It's the post idle timer in the below screenshot...

If the controller deregister a client you'd find the reason in > Logs > Station Events > put the MAC of the device in the field in the upper right to filter.

Here a example of my client after I've left the coverage area...
08/27/15 09:18:16De-registration9C:FC:01:1C:01:D6---D8:84:66:02:DF:E0--VNS[SecureAccess] Cause[Idle timeout]

there's no authentication (open)  ,  we have C5210 controller with 9.21 version and AP model is 3805i
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With those settings a client should not be dropping from the wireless. You should contact the GTAC so someone can review your configuration settings. Have your tech support generated and ready before you reach out.  https://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com/articles/How_To/How-to-Collect-a-Tech-Support-File-From-a-...

Also please document the following: 
-How many wireless clients are seeing this issue
-Are they all the same type of client device or multiple device types
-If it's only the same device types, document the card type and driver/software versions you are using
Hi Doug

All wireless users (mobile/tablet/laptops, etc )are reporting the same issue..... this is what is happening, the client stays connected to SSID forever no issues in that, issue is he will be not able to access internet after few minutes, he has to dissconnect from SSID and connect back to SSID to resume the internet usage....this happens every 10-15 min
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Thank you for the follow up data points,  I would still suggest logging a ticket with GTAC for further troubleshooting. I don't have all the pieces to the puzzle yet to identify what the root cause of your issue is. There are a lot of different reasons this could be occurring.
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Hi, Have you found the reason for that behaivour?? Why were clients being disconnected??