SYSLOG message for the configuration being saved.

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Is there a SYSLOG event/message for when the configuration is saved (successfully)? I can't seem to find one to add to a log filter.
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Posted 3 years ago

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i only see debug-summary "cm.sys.state" this will give you the current state of Config Manager. 

X460-24p.13 # show log
05/09/2016 09:47:12.34 <Summ:cm.sys.state> : CM State [OPERATIONAL] [RUNNING] [-]
05/09/2016 09:47:12.34 <Summ:cm.sys.state> : CM State [OPERATIONAL] [RUNNING] [-]
05/09/2016 09:47:12.34 <Summ:cm.sys.state> : CM State [OPERATIONAL] [SAVE_COMPLETE] [-]
05/09/2016 09:47:12.34 <Summ:cm.sys.state> : CM State [OPERATIONAL] [SAVE_COMPLETE] [-]
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You may be interested in the command that shows the history of cfgmgr operations.

# debug cfgmgr show history 
                           CM State Change History
entry       nodeState  cmState            cmEvent     timeStamp
----------  ---------  -----------------  ----------  ------------------------
0x457d40               BOOT_INIT          -           Wed Apr 13 20:58:48 2016
0x457d58    STANDBY    BOOT_INIT          BE_STANDBY  Wed Apr 13 20:58:57 2016
0x457d70    STANDBY    BOOT_INIT          -           Wed Apr 13 20:58:57 2016
0x457d88    OPERATIONAL  BOOT_INIT          BE_PRIMARY  Wed Apr 13 20:59:00 2016
0x457da0    OPERATIONAL  BOOT_WAIT_CONNECT  -           Wed Apr 13 20:59:00 2016
0x457db8    OPERATIONAL  BOOT_WAIT_CONFIG   -           Wed Apr 13 20:59:00 2016
0x457dd0    OPERATIONAL  BOOT_LOADING       -           Wed Apr 13 20:59:12 2016
0x457de8    OPERATIONAL  RUNNING            -           Wed Apr 13 20:59:17 2016
0x457e00    OPERATIONAL  SHCFG_DRAINING     -           Thu Apr 14 16:41:07 2016
0x457e18    OPERATIONAL  SHCFG_INPROGRESS   -           Thu Apr 14 16:41:07 2016
0x457e30    OPERATIONAL  SHCFG_SYNC         -           Thu Apr 14 16:41:07 2016
0x457e48    OPERATIONAL  SHCFG_COMPLETE     -           Thu Apr 14 16:41:07 2016
0x457e60    OPERATIONAL  RUNNING            -           Thu Apr 14 16:41:07 2016
0x457e78    OPERATIONAL  SAVE_DRAINING      -           Mon May  9 17:56:43 2016
0x457e90    OPERATIONAL  SAVE_INPROGRESS    -           Mon May  9 17:56:43 2016
0x457ea8    OPERATIONAL  SAVE_COMPLETE      -           Mon May  9 17:56:44 2016
0x457ec0    OPERATIONAL  RUNNING            -           Mon May  9 17:56:44 2016
0x457ed8    OPERATIONAL  SAVE_DRAINING      -           Mon May  9 17:57:28 2016
0x457ef0    OPERATIONAL  SAVE_INPROGRESS    -           Mon May  9 17:57:28 2016
0x457f08    OPERATIONAL  SAVE_COMPLETE      -           Mon May  9 17:57:29 2016
0x457f20    OPERATIONAL  RUNNING            -           Mon May  9 17:57:29 2016

Total 21 CM state changes, shown last 21/64 change(s).
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Hi Matthew,

One idea i could think of is using the command "enable cli-config-logging" to log every config change to the EMS, in that way you can see the below in log when config is saved.

"<Info:cli.logLocalCmd> : serial admin: save"

please note that enabling this command would log all the changes done in the swich.

Snippet from command reference guide. 
"ExtremeXOS allows you to record all configuration changes and their sources that are made using theCLI by way of Telnet or the local console. The changes are logged to the system log. Each log entry
includes the user account name that performed the changes and the source IP address of the client (if
Telnet was used). Configuration logging applies only to commands that result in a configuration
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I was successfully able use the "cm.sys.state" event containing the "SAVE_COMPLETE" message while confirming that the configuration database was, in fact, the file saved using the latest "show switch" output. This was a bit convoluted and required enabling log debug-mode, but it worked.

It is unfortunate that EXOS does not provide more specific logging messages related to overwriting the configuration database. The data for that are available in EXOS as it does update the information displayed by the "show switch" command. However, the ems process does not take advantage of that currently.

I could not use the cli-config-logging events because when the operator issues a "save" command from the CLI, EXOS presents one or more confirmation questions whereby one can cancel the command, choose not to affect the configuration database, or delay its action. That, and there are types of "save" commands that do not involve the configuration database at all (e.g. save config as-script). These factors made pursuing that avenue impossible.

I may open a feature request for more specific log messages regarding the overwriting of the configuration database. It seems like something that would be very useful for auditing configuration changes, and I wouldn't be surprised if our more "compliance-centric" customers (Hospitals, Governmental, Banking, etc) have already requested such a feature.