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 Eth Power Status: Low

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erik meitner posted 01-11-2022 10:56
One of our APs is reporting "Eth Power Status Low" on the device details page. I can't find information on this field anywhere. Does it mean that the AP is not getting enough power from POE?

Model AP410i-FCC
Software Version
Country United States
Eth Power Status Low
Radios Channel Channel Width Mode Power Level
1 1 20MHz g/n/ax 17 dBm
2 52/40 40MHz a/n/ac/ax 13 dBm
3 sensor
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erik meitner Best Answer
The POE injector was not capable for providing the needed power. It was replaced and the AP not functions properly.
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Jan Reister
In ECC go to Tools > Logs > AP logs and lookup the name of the AP.
You'll find something like: "AP powered by AF instead of AT PS, entering low power mode(2x2 R1,2x2 R2) "
(This line is from an 3935 AP)
It means that the power sourcing equipment is delivering POE 802.3af (15W) instead of 802.3at (30W). Check what POE the switch is capable and configured to deliver.
In my networks it happens with old switches or old power injectors, and sometimes with misconfigured S-series (capable of at, defaultìng on af).
If the PSE is at, but still delivering less, the power budget could have been exceeded.
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erik meitner
There is nothing like that in the logs since the AP last booted. The AP is using a power injector. I'll go on site and check what the injector is capable of.