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barry.mcnicholl posted 06-12-2021 07:43

Hi All,


I recently had a bad experience upgrading A3 from v3.1.1 to v3.5 and had to revert to a snapshot created prior. Basically after the upgrade, the CPUs were being pinned by the httpd Service and no clients (802.1x nor Guest via A3 CWP) could connect.

Resource allocation has been verified.

I am going to give it another go soon. Would anyone know which logs I could tail on the box to see the activity real-time whilst the upgrade is progressing? I suspect that the GUI is giving me the progress screens before all tasks are complete.

Thanks in adavance.


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OscarK Best Answer

Hi Barry, I know in my lab when I did an upgrade the web session timed out before the upgrade was finished. In the background it did continue but from the web gui you could not see that anymore.

You can tail /usr/local/A3/logs/a3_update.log (I think, the name could be a bit different) to see the progress.


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Hi  .

Thank you for the reply. I suspect I have caused the problems I had by asking too much of the system before the upgrade was complete. I was interacting with the system after about 20mins thinking that the process was complete but I was working blind. 

In your experience would you have any snippets of logs from your previous upgrades that indicate when the upgrade is complete?



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Hi Barry, at a certain moment it will say “cluster wide software update done”