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 Purview PV-FC-180 root password reset

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Paul Robbins posted 04-14-2022 09:03
Does anyone know what the procedure is to reset the root password for Purview PV-FC-180?  .
have tried looking online but no luck -  is there a backdoor password or something ?

I need to make some changes to config but the password does not work 

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Ryan Yacobucci


There is no backdoor password, whatever was set on install is the only password that exists. 

You can try this:

It's an older article that I think was created around Ubuntu 12.04 LTS OS. 

When it comes to virtual/physical appliances it's usually faster to re-image and re-deploy than try to recover the password. 

For ExtremeControl 95% of all configuration is stored and pushed from the XMC server. Just give it host properties like IP/gateway/domain/DNS and then enforce. The 5% being host configuration and DNS proxy (If applicable)

Analytics is similar. As long as you can remember the initial host configuration settings you should be able to re-deploy with the same IP, enforce from XMC and it should be OK.

App telemetry/netflow/mirror N/GRE tunnels are all configured in the network infrastructure, Analytics just needs to listen on the correct interface with the correct IP and report the information back to XMC.