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 Smart RF channel plan and regulatory domain

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Jan Reister posted 02-25-2022 06:18
When configuring a channel plan for smart RF, we can choose "all channels", which according to documentation
  • includes UNII-1 UNII-2A UNII-2C and UNII-3
  • excludes TDWR channels 120 124 128
In Italy regulatory domain where my APs are based UNII-3 is not available.

Will "all channels" include UNII-3 channels in the Smart RF?
Or will Smart RF make a smart (!) guess and exclude UNII-3 from channel plan?

Extreme Campus Controller 05.26 and AP410C

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Paulo Francisco Best Answer
SmartRF or any other RF operation will only operate in channels available for the particular region. Therefore if UNII3 is not avaialable in the region to which the AP is configured for (based on country assignement) then that channel set is not part of the consideration/assessment.
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Jan Reister
Thank you Paulo for confirming this. It surely makes sense.