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 Syslog with Source IP

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Antero Vasconcelos posted 11-13-2021 07:46
Hi team

how do i set the Syslog source address to a specific vlan?

syslog server is in another network that doesn't exist on VSP.

thaks in adv

Antero vasconcelos
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Sam Pirok
Hi there, I believe you would want to define a CLIP for the switch, which this guide covers. 
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Ludovico Stevens
As of VOSS the source IP will be one of the segmented mgmt IP interfaces you will have defined under "show mgmt ip" / "show mgmt interface".
In your case sounds like you should have a mgmt clip IP set for that.
The ability to set the syslog source IP was removed in
Refer to the user guide, Segmented Management section.