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 VSP4450 web interface not authenticating

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Doep100 posted 09-04-2020 08:15


I am getting “Authentication failed” trying to HTTPS to a 4450.
Even after successful “Smelter_VSP4450:1(config)#web-server password rwa RW xxxxxxxxxx”

Any advice please?

Smelter_VSP4450:1(config)#show web-server

Web Server Info :

        Status                    : on
        Secure-only               : enabled
        RWA Username               : RW
        RWA Password               : ********
        Def-display-rows          : 30
        Inactivity timeout        : 900 sec
        Html help tftp source-dir :
        HttpPort                  : 80
        HttpsPort                 : 443
        NumHits                   : 8623
        NumAccessChecks           : 0
        NumAccessBlocks           : 0
        NumRxErrors               : 8565
        NumTxErrors               : 156
        NumSetRequest             : 0
        Last Host Access Blocked  :


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Dinesh Rego

If you have the web-server enabled on the switch and you try to connect to it using https://<deviceip>/login.html with a supported browser, you will be prompted to enter a user name which is admin and the default password is password. This is documented in the Configuring User Interfaces and Operating Systems for VOSS document.

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Hi, I’m experiencing the same problem, were you able to solve it?

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humbert cm

a mi me funciono con los siguientes comandos :

2#conf t
3#web-server enable
4#web-server password rwa admin 4GetMe
5#no web-server secure-only

el 4# admin es el usuario y 4GetMe es la contraseña, 

pruebalo asi