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Agent Alarm

Agent Alarm

New Contributor II

Hi, we have 3 SR2208p switches.  Every night at 11:16pm they all get 6 event log entries like this:

5/17/2020 23:15     Minor     Agent Alarms     Authentication failure has been detected.

I am tracking down a lot of issues with our Aerohive system; I don’t think these are related as they are “minor” and only happen once a day.  (I don’t know if it happens on our larger switches as they get so many error and alerts that they event log overflows.)


I was wondering if this is normal or in anybody knows what the switch may be trying to login to and failing so I can fix it?  (Tech support just keeps asking me for log files that don’t show anything about this and since it happens at the same time every night it seems like someone should know what the switch is trying to login to.)