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AP122 no Internet Connection

AP122 no Internet Connection

New Contributor

I have been using the Ap122 for a long time now. I have now been new the problem that they somehow lose the internet connection in between. Every half hour they lose the connection although on the smartphone or notebook is displayed that you are still connected to the Internet. This is not a problem with the router or so, am connected there via LAN and have permanent Internet. I'm slowly really baffled and need help from the community. I went to the search at ExtremCloudiq and read in the event log that always at this time an event has started which is called, for example, as follows: "Station eea7:ef53:6c82 is deauthenticated from c866:5d3a:7c94 thru SSID".

I have attached one of the monitoring events in the hope that you will get more information from it.

New Contributor III
Hi Dennis!
What do you mean by "lose the internet connection" exactly?
I think you mean that the AP loses connection to the XIQ, right? Or that the XIQ shows the AP as offline.
I know a similar problem with LANCOM routers with newer firmware. There it seems as if some timeout is happening, which briefly disconnects the CAPWAP connection. But I haven't gotten behind it yet.
Best regards