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How to setup a stack ports on a Dell stacked switch N1500 ?

How to setup a stack ports on a Dell stacked switch N1500 ?

New Contributor

running latest hivemanager version running:


We had a stack of switches formed with N1524 and N1548 switches stacked using Dell stacking cables. Switches are cabled as per Dell best practices.


From hivemanger switch templates there is no option to set ports as stack port.

 If you can point me out to any configuration guide also that would be helpful we dont seem to find any


Esteemed Contributor III

Dell switches have the sfps ports set as the stack ports by default (you should be able to see this in the default running configuration). There is no option in the GUI template for this, which is true of the SR22xx and SR23xx switches as well. We have to set this on the CLI for the SR22xx and SR23xx switches, where as it comes already configured by default with the Dell switches.


I can send you a guide for setting up the SR22xx and SR23xx switches in a stack, but some of the steps (like the CLI bit I mentioned before to set the stack port) wouldn't apply. Dell might have better documentation available for you.