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Refresh API token On Premise

Refresh API token On Premise

New Contributor

We recently upgraded to HiveManager NG. One of the reasons was being able to use the API for custom applications. 


I am able to connect and use the API with our on premise installation. One thing I am wondering, and the documentation is not clear about, is how to refresh an API token for the on premise installation of HiveManager.


Anyone that has experience with this?


New Contributor III

Api’s are used to automate things. Very strange that you need create the access token every time manual. This is definitely something Aerohive need to change.

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @reinhardg , I’m sorry for the long wait here. I’m not finding any documentation that lists the functions supported by XIQ on prem. I might recommend reaching out to your SE for this, they might have more information than I do. I’ve also requested that we update the help file online to avoid further confusion. 

Contributor II

Does this mean that XIQ on-prem supports a subset of the API functions? Where is documented what functions these are?

btw: The online help still says that this feature is not supported by the VA.

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

XIQ On-prem does support some API functions, but not as many as XIQ online. You can find the on-prem API options in Global Settings> API (left hand side menu).