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FPGA Image Mismatch

FPGA Image Mismatch

New Contributor
I am trying to install a new NI-MLX-10Gx8-D module and I get a FPGA Image Mismatch.  I have read the documentation and it states the it is because of a version mismatch between FPGA applications and hardware results in system failure and continuous reboot on every module initialization failure.  The million dollar question is how do I update and/or downgrade the FPGA Image to match.  I have looked at sever commands to copy from flash but can not find what is the name of the file I need to update and a detailed procedure to do it.
Dennis McKay

Contributor II
Hello Dennis, 

did you receive my PM? Do you need more support?


Did not receive a pm but we are trying to reach out to see if we have a support contract.  I work for a large government agency and the contracting firms for support of this equipment has change a few times so it might take a while to research the support contract with Extreme Networks.

Contributor II
Could you try to run
lp sync $SLOT?

The firmware would be downloadable from the customer portal - providing your company has an account or/and a maintenance agreement.

Could you also run the following commands to get the idea what kind of system we are talking about:
show version management | include Iron
show chassis | include slot
show mod

Contributor II

Do you have the release files - matching your management and chassis releasing - sitting on a TFTP server somewhere? Then, after the card stops booting, you need to copy the images onto the new card.

lp boot system interactive $SLOT

copy tftp lp $TFTP /MLX/Monitor/InterfaceModule/xmlb$RELEASE.bin monitor $SLOT

copy tftp lp $TFTP /MLX/Boot/InterfaceModule/xmlprm$RELEASE.bin boot $SLOT

copy tftp lp $TFTP /MLX/Combined/FPGA/lpfpga$RELEASE.bin fpga-all $SLOT

power-off lp $SLOT
power-on lp $SLOT

Replace $TFTP with the IP of your TFTP, $RELEASE with your release version and $SLOT with the corresponding slot, where the module was inserted.