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Configure a VLAN Name

Configure a VLAN Name


Hi all,


I’m new to Extreme Networks and Brocade Switches.


I’m trying to define a name to a VLAN that I create. I’m sure I’ve configured the VLAN ok, but when it comes to defining a logical name I’m lost (much easier in Cisco)

anyway, thanks all in advance. 


I found the answer, it was a code rev. issue. The switch I was testing on has an older code rev. 


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I’m struggling with similar problem, but I try to configure vlan name via REST API calls. I’m using

curl -X POST -H 'Content-Type: text/plain' -i 'http://host:port/rest/config/running' --data '<vlan><name>xxxx</name></vlan>' where xxxx is an integer name. That is how I create vlan, but I cannot set custom name, what can be achieved by #name logical-name command. Also REST API documentation doesn’t provide such informations. Is there any way to set logical name with REST API?

I’m using SLX-OS 20.1.2d.


thanks, I though I posted into the right group the switch is a VDX Data Center switch running NOS. 


But as I alluded to in my edit, I found the answer I was looking for. Turns out to be a code rev issue. The commands are 

# interface vlan xxx

# name vlan-name.

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Which switches are you referring to? There’s too many different CLI’s

IronwareOS uses “vlan 30 name my-vlan-name”

If you are using NetworkOS then

int vlan 30

desc my-vlan-name