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SLX 9850 Chassis MPLS traceroute problem

SLX 9850 Chassis MPLS traceroute problem

New Contributor

We have a SLX 9850 chassis we are migrating services to replace our MLX’s. I have ran into a strange issue with the box. Anytime, from any other router in my network running a “traceroute mpls rsvp lsp name” command and the path goes through the new SLX 9850, the traceroute times out when it hits the 9850. The mpls trace completes to its destination, but the 9850 hop in the middle, there is an asterisk. I’ve tried removing my ACL list on SLX 9850 and that did not make a difference. Running version is 18r2bd. Any ideas what could be the cause of the 9850 not responding to mpls traceroutes?


Contributor II

With that box, it would be better to open a support ticket.