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VDX 6740 not working at 10G

VDX 6740 not working at 10G

New Contributor
Hello I have a VDX 6740 switch.
All the 48 copper ports cannot negotiate to 10Gbit

Slot Name Primary/Secondary Versions Status
SW/0 NOS 6.0.2g_rc1_bld04 ACTIVE*
SW/1 NOS 6.0.2g_rc1_bld04 STANDBY

Te 1/0/1 connected Trunk 1G 1G-On-board
Te 1/0/2 connected Access 1G 1G-On-board
Te 1/0/3 connected Access 1G 1G-On-board
Te 1/0/4 connected Access 1G 1G-On-board
Te 1/0/5 connected Access 1G 1G-On-board
Te 1/0/6 connected Access 1G 1G-On-board
Te 1/0/7 connected Access 1G 1G-On-board
Te 1/0/8 connected Access 1G 1G-On-board
Te 1/0/9 connected Access 1G 1G-On-board

if I force the speed to 10G I got a license error.

but license wise everything seems ok

rbridge-id: 1
FCoE Base license
Feature name:FCOE_BASE
License is valid
10G Port Upgrade license
Feature name:PORT_10G_UPGRADE
License is valid
Capacity: 100
40G Port Upgrade license
Feature name:PORT_40G_UPGRADE
License is valid
Capacity: 200
VCS Fabric license
Feature name:VCS_FABRIC
License is valid

nevertheless it won;t work at 10Gbit.
Any hints on how to solve/debug the problem ?

thank you

Extreme Employee
Hi Rick,

There are a couple things here that is normally expected ...
  • why the nos version running in this switch is a daily build image, NOS 6.0.2g_rc1_bld04 ? This is not a formal General Available release outside of Extreme internal testing environment. Please use GA release obtained from the Extreme Portal
  • What model of VDX 6740 is this? judging from the output, I would guess it is a VDX 6740T-1G (not a VDX 6740 nor a VDX 6740T - the fiber port versions with 10 G default speed on ports). Please provide output of show chassis for identification.
  • The 10 G and 40 G license capacity is not correct. Both 6740/6740T POD upgrades are 8+8+8 for 10 G upgrade and 2+2 for 40 G upgrade; while VDX 6740T-1G, it is 16+16+16 (10GB upgrade) and 2 (40 G upgrade) as 2 40 G port are provided and all 48 port are default to 1 G for this model.
To debug and resolve the issue you are facing ...
please provide
  • show pod
  • show license
  • show chassis
  • show version
  • show firmwaredownloadhistory
  • show firmwaredownloadstatus
  • show running-config
If proper license is installed on VDX 6740T-1G, the ports can be set with "speed 10000" on the ethernet port for 10 Gbps

Extreme Employee
6.0.2g_rc1_bld04 is not a GA release firmware. How did you get this version?

Is this switch in a VCS?
  • If yes, what version are the other switches running on?
  • If no, Please download and install NOS v6.0.2h and try again.

Extreme Employee
Can you post the output from "show dpod"? This will show more detail about the licences and how those are applied to the ports.

Extreme Employee
Hi Rick,

Can you please post here "show dpod" output?