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VDX upgrade logical chissis

VDX upgrade logical chissis

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we testing upgrade logical chassis with 2 x VDX 6740, and we use coldboot from 7.0.2b to 7.1.0b3 version. Upgrade was successful but both VDX6740 they were automatically rebooted. It is normally ? Because I think automatically restarting two switches at once it isnt good idea because were interrupted all services on both VDX. Is there a way to use coldboot without restarting the switch or using a gradual reboot without interrupting all services on the VDX chassis?

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the coldboot option includes always a reboot.

See upgrade guide:
Downloading firmware using the coldboot option
The coldboot option of the firmware download command allows you to download new firmware onto a device and forces the device to
perform a cold reboot.
In a chassis system, this option downloads the firmware on both the active and standby MMs and reboots both of the MMs at the same
time. After the firmware completes downloading on both MMs, they are rebooted at the same time. This ensures that both MMs reboot
with the same firmware, and prevents any firmware compatibility issues that may exist between the old and the new firmware.

You can see in the Release Notes from the Version you upgrade too in the section Migration Path  whith upgrade method is supported .

In minior version upgrades a ISSU  is supported but from Major release upgrades you see only the coldboot method .




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Using the option “coldboot” in your firmware upgrade tells the VDX to automatically reload once the firmware is downloaded and ready for installation.  This option is clearly outlined in the Network OS Software Upgrade Guide.

The coldboot option in the firmware download command allows you to download new firmware onto a switch and forces the switch to perform a cold reboot.


I believe the option that you are looking for is the “noreboot” option.  This command is also detailed in the Upgrade Guide under “Downloading firmware using the manual option” .

On a Top-of-Rack (ToR) switch, this manual option allows you to specify the noreboot and nocommit options so that you have exact
control over the firmware download sequence.



3. If you entered the noreboot option, enter the reload command to reboot the switch. If you entered y after the prompt, the switch will reboot automatically. The switch performs a reboot and comes up with the new firmware. Your current CLI session will automatically disconnect.


I would also recommend reviewing the following article for NOS upgrade Best Practices:

NOS Firmware Upgrade Best Practices

I hope this helps answer your question and makes future upgrade go more smoothly.



Michael Morey
Principal Technical Support Engineer / Extreme Networks

Michael Morey
Principal Technical Support Engineer
Extreme Networks