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Resolved! ? VDX 6740 Boot Prom Password recovery ?

Sorry I already have a tread for this, but marked as discussion... Maybe I have to mark it as question ? I have VDX6740 switch with boot prom password set... Can someone help me with recovery ?My recovery string is :    93lWIF.AAxDzIJUgFuihEQ==Thank ...

AtanasP by New Contributor
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VDX6720 FW | Can anyone share?

Hi all,If anyone has nos firmware for the 6720 in the v3.x.x range and is in a position to share the files, please let me know, I've got 2 x 6720's stuck at 2.1.1 and the option to run the firmware install is not available. I have v4.1.3d and need to...

Russ by Contributor
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Resolved! VDX6720 Firmware Update NOS 4.1.3b

Hello All. I'm trying to update my VDX6720 to the latest 4.1.3d Setup the ftp, can log on etc.. but the switch doesn't update. I think I might be missing the plist file. These are the files I have in the zip :

VDX6720-60 HW ASIC Chip fault

Switch shuts down with message [EANV-1006], 9272,, CRITICAL, VDX6720-60, C2: HW ASIC Chip fault. Type = 0x2a, Error = Critical Parity Errors.Monitor session is used on ports 1/0/21-1/0/30. When the switch goes down, packet loss goes through the secon...

Tim12 by New Contributor
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Firmware help! VDX 6720

Hi.Please can someone help me in updating my VDX 6720, i am currently on Network OS versio 2.1.1 and i need to update it so that my SFP+ adapters work.i have looked for hours online!Thanks in advance

nonen by New Contributor
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