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VDX6740 Boot prom password recovery.

VDX6740 Boot prom password recovery.

New Contributor

I have VDX6740 switch with boot prom password set... Can someone help me with recovery ?

My recovery string is :    93lWIF.AAxDzIJUgFuihEQ==

Thank you in advance 🙂

Contributor II
Replied Privately with recovery string.
Michael Morey
Principal Technical Support Engineer
Extreme Networks

New Contributor II
There was no a way ( at Brocade Time ) to Reset boot proom password, excepted with a active support and maintenance contract, below a procedure how to Obtaining the Recovery String

Enter commands at the Boot PROM interface exactly as shown. Incorrectly entered commands at
the Boot PROM interface can render your switch unstable or unusable. To recover, you would
need to seek help from your switch service provider or return your switch to the factory for repair.


2 at the prompt. A character string is displayed, shown in red in the following example:
1) Start system.
2) Recover password.
3) Enter command shell.
Option? 2
Send the following string to Customer Support for password recovery:
/uasLR1raCqT3FToqy0ZjA== ( Example)
5. Send the character string to your switch support provider to obtain a Boot PROM recovery
Do not reboot the switch at this point. Doing so will cause the password recovery string to
6. Perform the appropriate steps to set the Boot PROM password if it was not set, as prompted:

Recovery password is NOT set. Please set it now.

7. Enter the Recovery Password that is generated from your support provider when prompted,
and re-enter it when prompted.
Enter the supplied recovery password.
Recovery Password: YnfG9DDrlFMDVkNM0RkPtg== < Supplied by your support provider ( Example )
Re-enter Recovery Password: YnfG9DDrlFMDVkNM0RkPtg==
8. When prompted with “New password:”, enter a new Boot PROM password and re-enter it when
New password: xxx
Re-enter new password: xxx

My issue has been solved!