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VDX-6740 / bridge(couple) ports together?

Hi guys.I'd presume what I lack technical vocabulary to describe must be such an old dilemma in world of "networks".I doubt I can do any better than this simple analogy - joining two cables, usually when they are too short, via a coupler, but here, v...

Resolved! Dynamic ARP Life

Hi,Can someone tell me, and point me to the document that articulates the ARP Cache on VDX 6740 please? More specifically I need to know what the default ARP Cache Lifetime is. 

Russ by Contributor
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Resolved! Security violation message keeps occurring.

Hi, everyoneSecurity violation messages continue to occur on the vdx6940What's unusual is that the message continues to occur with the loopback IP address.May I know the cause of this symptom?  ========================================================...

BS_Choi by New Contributor
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Resolved! Cant find NOS 7.0.0a Release notes

Hello,  i cannot seem to find any release notes for NOS 7.0.0a.  I have a customer that needs to upgrade some 6740 switches from 5.0.1c to 7.0.0a and I need to know if there are step upgrades for this path. any help would be great Thanks

kenn23 by New Contributor
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