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Is there any plan to provide updated release notes for IQ Engine versions

Is there any plan to provide updated release notes for IQ Engine versions

Contributor II

Maybe I’m just missing something but as far as I can find these release notes are static and not kept up to date with known issues

example -

I learned today via a GTAC ticket, that there is currently an open CFD for the very issue I submitted a ticket for.

I’ve spent time investigating, troubleshooting, collecting documentation and submitting a ticket only to be told it’s a known issue and will be fixed in the next release. Why not publish known CFD’s for firmware so I don’t have to waste time on known issues?


Extreme Employee

Hi, John--

It sounds like something might have been missed in the IQE release notes. Let me know which CFD you encountered and I will try to track down what happened and correct it. The IQE release notes are my domain.


Contributor II

All of the options you’ve presented still redirect to the same page I linked above.

The ExtremeCloud IQ release notes have been decent lately regarding addressed and known issues. My original post was specifically regarding IQ Engine release notes, which I’ve not seen get updated aside from the release of the subsequent firmware version notes.

That said, there are still instances where I’ve been told an ExtremeCloud IQ issue was known and it still was not present in the known issues section of the notes, so there is still some disconnect there as well.


Extreme Employee

ExtremeCloud IQ has that info online at:






Extreme Employee

Hi, John. Release Notes for the latest version of ExtremeCloud IQ are now posted at

You can obtain older Release Notes from the ExtremeCloud IQ page on the Extreme Portal.

I hope this is helpful.

Larry Kunz