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New Documentation Published April 7th-27th!

New Documentation Published April 7th-27th!

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Our support teams published 121 new articles few weeks! Check out the new titles below!

Campus Fabric Articles

How to disable IQ Agent on VOSS 

Data Collection Plan To Troubleshoot Lost IS-IS Adjacency 

VoSS "GlobalRouter SNMP ERROR Failed to create trap (Reason=Failed to create v3 trap) for host x.x.x... 

Both vIST cluster peers show the same MAC learned LOCAL/LOCAL 

Which load balancing algorithm is used for ECMP on VOSS? 

How to delete the user created username on ERS switch. 

Are Ports 55 and 56 reserved on Universal 7520-48Y Reserved Similar to VSP 7400 

LACP Not Coming Up Between VSP 8600 and ISW 

VOSS RADIUS VSA for Port Bounce 

7520: How are FANs and PSUs numbered? 

"web-server help-tftp" line cannot be removed via CLI. 

Can VLACP be enabled on auto-sense ports? 

LACP Ports Configured As dot1q (trunk) But Showing As Access In "show mlt" Output 

VOSS: Continuous Link Bounce With ExtremeCloud IQ Controller E3125 When Using Optical Cable 100G-AOC... 

How to implement slpp in fabric to avoid external loops? 

Universal FabricEngine /VSP: All Phones Connected to Edge Node Experience Some Bad Call and Reboots 

VSP switch ports down by a SNMP set request 

Two vIST Pairs Logging "rtmAddRoute: cannot add route to <NETWORK/MASK> owner:3 because it is contai... 

FE 5420F Interfaces with 2.5BaseT Appears to Randomly Stop Forwarding Traffic 

VOSS : Some of the IP address in the VLAN learned against the internal interface TX-NNI 

FE: 5420: Phone Not Being Placed into Tagged VLAN 

VSP: Stopped Responding to SSH / Error: SSH_Moc_StartServer: accept failed - status = 0xffffffff4 

VOSS : Connectivity issues to various devices until ARP cleared for destination VLAN IP addresses 

5320 (FE): MSTP root bridge selection doesn't work 

VSP4450GSX ( MGMT VLAN unreachable when I-SID is configured after MGMT VLAN instance is con...


Data Center Articles

Why all breakout port members of Eth 0/3 flap with shut no shut on one member port [eth0/3:1] 

Qos map interfaces are not correctly listed on slx switch qos maps output 

% Error:Key length should be in the range 6-40 

Successive ports going down and not coming up when speed 100M is configured on one port with 1G opti... 

DHCP relay option 82.5 is using wrong IP when multiple IPs are configured on an Interface 

SLX8520 does not sync with NTP servers 

SLX started to drop traffic on portchannel in a bridge domain 

Binding tenant to QoS profile fails 

Unknown unicast TCP segments are not subject to storm control restrictions. 

SLXs sends traffic back to an adjacent switch for a MAC address 

Routing not working for specific Ve interface when routed via one VRRP member. 

Can the VDX have IPv4 and IPv6 running at the same time? 

SA-2024-041 - Unbounded memory growth TLS (CVE-2024-2511)


EXOS Articles

Unable to ping MLAG peer when OnePolicy is deployed 

What are the common OIDs for EXOS? 

SSH key becomes invalid in 31.7/32.5 

How to relate virtual router name to its vrID? 

Incorrect stack port Speeds Reported on ExtremeCloud IQ- Site Engine 

Which PSU's does the 5520-48W support? 

Which 5520 switches support back-to-front airflow? 

Radius MFA authenticates after Every command 

Can the 350W AC PSU BF (10954) PSU be used with the X460-G2-48X-10GE4? 

Why is applying an admin policy not recommended on the uplinks 

After around 30 hosts boot up, some hosts couldn't ping the core switch. 

Replacement HW models from Extreme End of life 

Switch port blocked after 802.1X authentication 

IdentiFi Articles

How can I revoke an AirGAP license which I have generated for my XIQ-Controller? 

Can you disable SSH to root password of a XCC/XIQ-Controller? 

Legacy Articles

XIQ-C//AP3935 not able to be rehomed to Hyper-V controller from ESXI controller. 

XIQ - Wireless clients fail to connect after entering the Sponsor passcode in ExtremeGuest Essential... 

Problem with Generating AirGap License -> Error: There is no sufficient quantiny available for the p... 

What is the Authentication Logs for from XIQ Global setting


SD-WAN Articles

The SaaS Applications download feature only export a maximum of 20 applications 

"Invalid Request" error message when refreshing the "Advanced Troubleshooting" page 

"Site" dashboard not updated after switching to another site 

SDWAN appliance synchronized and traffic reported as uncorrelated 

Alarms still appear on the Orchestrator for a deleted appliance 

Why I get "FAILED" message when I deploy configuration? 

"Default BGP Local Preference" configurable for a bridge interface 

How to interpret the "Application Flows" dashboard? 

Universal Articles

"NOT REQUIRED" License status for the universal switch in XIQ 

VOSS: How to enable or disable an IP Interface? 

Why Is Output of "show ip interface" Different From What Configured in NLS 

In XIQ, when attempting to convert independent switches into a stack, simply trying to apply a stack... 

The Maximum Number of License Transfers has been reached 

Unable to revoke a license file for Universal Switches 

Switch crashed for Process telemetry Failure 

5720 Ports become unusable and show up/active even when disconnected 

WiNG Articles

CFD-10535 AP3000 no led 

CFD-10535 AP5010 service locator doesnt work 

TW CPE links to T5 switch, but does not pass data 

What is the process for converting/migrating WiNG to ExtremeCloud IQ? 

SA-2024-040 - HTTP2 CONTINUATION Frames OOM crash (CVE-2024-2653) 

Wing ap unable to get an IP addresses from ers switch 

CFD AD-11419 | Unable to view devices past first or second (per page 250) AirDefense 10.6 

WiNG - How to customize Captive Portal pages 

XIQ Articles

XIQ - why audit log does not record the email change event? 

Is there a minimum RSSI threshold configuration? 

What is NAS Identifier append bssid 

How to revoke the Co-Pilot license? 

XIQ - How to configure the Management and Native VLANs 

XIQ - How to locate and identify a random unknown AP 

Where to find the VGVA installation guide? 

Native VLAN and or, management VLAN set in network policy found to be different/incorrect in XIQ AP ... 

[XIQ] Duplicated cloud radius users can be registered on CWP if the "renew user credentials" is enab... 

COPILOT License assignment - how it works? 

Does generating a new api-key.json in XIQ-C cause a disruption of service? 

Where to find IQEngine software release notes? 

Is XIQ CWP PPSK auto renewal setting automatic ? 

Is a delta update needed on the APs when adding a new user to a cloud-based PPSK database? 

Cant connect to Network 

[XIQ] Sensor Mode icon is displayed on AP302W although AP is not configured as sensor. 

How to Remove Site Groups so you can Restrict Monitor access by Site 

XIQ -Can disabling AMPDU affect the speed of the wireless network? 

Clients shown with no IP address listed in the client report but NAC knew their IP address. 

SA-2024-003 - OpenSSH command injection (CVE-2023-51385) 

How can I generate a complete report for a location in XIQ 

LLDP Negotiation with Aruba Switches 

What DAC cable should be used for a 100GB link connection on the XIQ-C E3125? 

[XIQ] Digital Twing can't be created because OS persona list is empty. 

Newly onboard devices do not have the option to change topology location under the action menu 

How to disable Radio/Radios on XIQ AP ? 

How to reset admin password for a node of a UCP cluster 

How to have auto-refill sponsor's email address on landing page on Guest Essential 

Can't delete the RADIUS Proxy Profile on XIQ (ExtremeCloud IQ) 

Can buttons in custom splash template of Extreme Guest Essentials, be customized further when used i... 

How to configure maximum client limit per SSID? 

License limit exceeded because controller was not using available Pilot licenses 

XIQ | BitTorrent does not get blocked by IP firewall, the traffic still goes through 

IQE AP "ah_auth" crash cause client reconnect due to length of os-type name over 32. 

XIQ - AP230 update fails due to WPA3 SSID 

Extreme Guest Essentials not loading list of SSIDs 

Cannot access AP via SSH by TeraTerm after upgrading to 10.6r7 

XMC Articles

What is a replacement for the PV-50K-SYS-2 or PV-50K-SYS? 

Extreme Control: Unable to authenticate clients when at least one Child AD Server is down


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