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New Documentation Published August 13th-19th!

New Documentation Published August 13th-19th!

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Our support teams published 35 new articles last week! Check out the new titles below!



Can I put grey market goods under contract? 

SA-2023-087 - Intel Processor Domain Bypass (CVE-2020-24513)

Campus Fabric Articles

VOSS/FE : Is it possible to strip Mac-in-Mac headers from NNI mirrored live traffic? 

What is the OID for SNMP Monitoring of ISIS adjacency changes on VOSS switches? 

After Changing IP Address On VLAN DHCP-Relay No Longer Working 

Adding VLAN To MLT Using EDM/GUI Causes Existing VLANS To Disappear From Same MLT 

How do you register or are the ERS/VSP products registered with NIST?


Data Center Articles

How to configure SNMP Community and SNMP Host using EFA 

Slx9780| 20.4.1da| Show hardware profile current usage doesn’t show the correct value of 8k of acl f... 

EFA Backup Authentication failure. 

Steps to downgrade firmware on a line card 

XCO Visibility Skill only displays up to 38 entries


EXOS Articles

What is the meaning of trusted from the "show dos-protect detail" command? 

Does EXOS support DHCP reservations when acting as a DHCP Server 

Will there be any service impact if I change the load-sharing algorithm on a sharing group?

Legacy Articles

Setting FIPS Mode on S Series does it reboot and clear current configuration 

How do I configure an Extreme Cloud IQ Controller for a Client Bridge 

Access Point rebooting every 10 - 30 minutes 

[XIQ-C] Does AP periodically send ICMP to controller? 

XIQ shows admin port IP address even when powered down for a standalone virtual XIQ-controller. 

XIQC - Some AP305C showing radio 2 off when using same profile as group. Controlled by XCC


SD-WAN Articles

Cannot create new QOS profiles without maximum bandwith configured 

Real Time Graph doesn't display packet losses smaller than 1%

Universal Articles

How To Add Static MAC For Multiple VLANS and MLT 

Can Some SPBM/ISIS parameters Be Same On Switches

WiNG Articles

Wing 7.7.1 Captive Portal unable to login with email address 

What are the differences between AirDefense Essentials and AirDefense On-Premise System?

XIQ Articles

Why do I see DIS protocol used between Extreme APs 

Why Access Point ping continuously in background to default gateway ? 

How to adjust the TX power in the Radio Profile 

Why are PoE+ (802.3at) capable APs only drawing 15.4 watts instead of 30 watts from the switch which... 

Clients getting "Incorrect Password" and "Cannot connect to Network" errors with XIQ and NAC after c... 

XIQ | Which firmware image file does AP630 use 

Connectivity issue, clients are dropping from 802.1X SSID 

ExtremeLocation: Floor is missing under Site view


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