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New Documentation Published August 6th-12th!

New Documentation Published August 6th-12th!

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Our support teams published 41 new articles last week! Check out the new titles below!



SA-2023-084 - Binutils asymbol (CVE-2023-25588) 

SA-2023-081 - Linux kernel AF NETROM user-after-free (CVE-2023-32269) 

SA-2023-086 - Powercap Driver on Intel Processors (CVE-2020-8694) 

SA-2023-085 - Intel RAPL vulnerability (CVE-2020-8695) 

SA-2023-082 - PostgreSQL permits incorrect policies (CVE-2023-2455) 

SA-2023-083 - OpenSSH forwarded ssh-agent (CVE-2023-38408) 

Campus Fabric Articles

5420M-48W-4YE - Unable to turn off auto-negotiation on 10gb SFP+ 

Does the VSP 8200 support GCM-AES-256 cipher for macsec? 

ERS switch becoming unresponsive via Management (ssh/telnet interface)


Data Center Articles

In VRRP-e, does connected device learn the physical MAC address as well as the virtual MAC of the VR... 

No longer able to login to MLX via SSH 

Has the sysObjectID mib object value changed for 8720 platform from SLX-OS 20.5.1 onwards? 

How to backup & restore the running configuration on SLX 

Cannot change FCoE vlan on VDX 6740


EXOS Articles

CPU healthcheck has failed messages seen 

What happens if we remove both master and backup from a stack ? 

EXOS PIM router stops sending traffic over an ISC port after receiving leave. 

What happens when the X435 temperature exceeds the shutdown limit of 110 degrees Celsius? 

extremeOverheat traps are sent as SNMPv1 even though only SNMPv2 traps are enabled. 

How to use the new Port Bounce Attribute Support - EXOS 32.5.x 

OSPF import policy fails on EXOS when match criteria is a route tag 

5520 Unreachable Via MGMT Interface after reboot when running at 100Mbps 

Legacy Articles

Configure Location Services for Extreme Cloud IQ - Controller (XIQ-C) 

Why don't AP39XX models show switch port information option of the column picker?


SD-WAN Articles

Which ports are used by an ip|engine in a ExtremeCloud SD-WAN V23.x deployment? 

Supervision API internal server error 500. 

How to configure SAlSA9.3 API? 

Why are my interfaces still in bridge mode when it's configured as router on the orchestrator? 

Universal Articles

Traffic Isn't Routed When the Source MAC is an Active VRRP VMAC on Another Local VLAN 

WiNG Articles

Error when trying to obtain VX: License Generation Failed - There was a problem generating your lice...

XIQ Articles

Creating new PPSK SSID with same User Group will trigger email delivery to recipient 

How to configure bandsteering for XCA/XCC/XIQC 

How to Clone an SSID object in ExtremeCloud IQ 

Unable to reset ExtremeCloud IQ login password - password reset email is never received 

One SSID no longer broadcasting after configuration pushed to multiple access points 

How to enable WPA2 compatibility in WPA3 802/1X/Enterprise XIQC 

[XIQ] country code set for AP4000 and AP5000 are failed. 

How to change default admin password in XIQ controller 

Getting Subscription not found message when trying to access Guest Essentials 

Cannot onboard the AP, error "AP is already onboarded" 

XMC Articles

(NAC) How to retain non-delimited Calling-Station-Id value for LDAP Authentication of MAC Address in...


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