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New Documentation Published January 21st-27th!

New Documentation Published January 21st-27th!

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Our support teams published 40 new articles last week! Check out the new titles below!



How to report a documentation issue with Extreme Networks. 

Campus Fabric Articles

VSP5320 Connection issue with 10GbLR Link Flapping and Reseat of the SFP solves 

VOSS || FE : How To exclude private range IP destinations from Policy Based Routing (PBR) 

Error :License of type 10G not supported 

Camera Connected Into Switch Port Not Connecting to Network 

Core Routers not processing traffic correctly and showing COP-SW ERRORs 

8616QQ Module Failed To Load In Slot 8 Yet Works In Other Slots Same Chassis 

How To View VLAN Associated To Interface 

VSP 4900 ( Slow memory leak leading to OOM crash 

5720 Vim 2C multispeed 

XA1480 core dump, causing a reboot


Data Center Articles

XCO GUI device Ports shows two admin status while selected Group by "Name" 

Freeze SLX9640 

sysdiag memory leak in 20.2.x and 20.2.3ja 

Duplicate ICMP packets observed 

How to power OFF and ON a Line card on a MLX Switch Remotely 

EFA system restore –backup fails with the following error “Restore operation has failed, exit status... 

XCO Firmware Upgrade Help 

Routing Issue on VDX6740 

Unknown traffic seen on tool port in spite of listener policy set to filter 

Is a VDX 6740T compatible with a VDX 6740 in a VCS fabric? 

XCO CLI "efactl restart" throwing retrying and failed messages 

efa health show --detail via standby TPVM down shows orange instead of red 

SA-2024-005 - OpenSSH RSA Key Denial of Service (CVE-2023-6237)


EXOS Articles

When an optical link transitions between "normal", "warning" and "alarm". there is a log stating the... 

UPM profiles lost in SummitStack after reboot

Legacy Articles

NACALERT-Error Detected for RFC 3576 Authorization: Reauthentication Failed: Unknown Erro... 

Standby EFA|XCO Down after many unexpected reloads of the Active Node 

how to use iperf3 on Access Points 

[XIQ-C] AP beacon interval is longer than 2.4/5 Ghz


SD-WAN Articles

How to interpret the Dynamic WAN Selection (DWS) decisions? 

Universal Articles

NEAP phone authentication is not triggered on flex uni ports from tagged packets. 

WiNG Articles

Can WiNG 7.x controllers and XIQ Pilot be integrated in SolarWInds Orion platform using APIs? 

How to check how much memory is installed or used in AirDefense via CLI? 

XIQ Articles
How to configure external antenna on XIQ-C 

APs have lost connection and not getting IP addresses 

Why AP template keeps configuration from previous one? 

APs don't accept DHCP offer 

Wifi client can't detect 6Ghz SSID 

AP410C fails to upgrade firmware 


If you have any requests for new articles, please let us know! You can either comment on this post, or email me directly at