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New Documentation Published January 28th - February 3rd

New Documentation Published January 28th - February 3rd

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Our support teams published 36 new articles last week! Check out the new titles below!



Where can I change the ownership of the Asset? 

Which Priority (Severity) Level is correct for my ticket? 

Campus Fabric Articles

VOSS: Having routing loop after enabling SPBM IP shortcuts 

Switch Occasionally Loosing Connectivity 

Voss Can DHCP-snooping Trusted be configured on a eap enabled port. 

5320 Onboarding to the XIQ-SE failing intermittently 

Unable To Enable ftpd in Boot Config Flags 

VSP 8600: The intflash log file was overwritten when the CP was switched over from CP2 to CP1 

What is the command to clear ARP table on ERS switches?


Data Center Articles

Can SLX9640 directly be upgraded from 20.2.3g to 20.5.3a ? 

SA-2024-006 - OpenSSL PKCS12 file crash (CVE-2024-0727) 

How to turn off the 'diffie-hellman-group1-sha1' key exchange algorithm on this MLX router?


EXOS Articles

Loss of reachability between XIQ-SE and managed switches over EAPS rings with 802.1Qbb PFC flow cont... 

After upgrading X460-G2 stack from to with "reboot rolling" option SSH fails afte... 

Enabling "LLDP advertisement of 802.1 VLAN ID and port protocol of Voice VLAN" Causes XIQ configurat... 

Stacking two 7520 between 40g QSFP 

What is the purpose of the MLAG Stacking port Limit 

General Articles

MAC Addresses Not Learned on Untagged VLANs on ISW-24W-4x 

IdentiFi Articles

IdentiFi MAC Authentication without RADIUS


Legacy Articles

XCO POD RabbitMQ shows unknown restart


SD-WAN Articles

How to troubleshoot a speed duplex with the value "Unknown"? 

What are the default ExtremeCloud SD-WAN Application Groups? 

WiNG Articles

AP3000 connected client with wrong data rates 

VoIP phones do not work in building connected by WiNG Wireless Mesh Point 

XIQ Articles
XIQ Alerting system for wireless. sending duplicate emails for each alert 

XIQ - How to persist the Manage Devices Custom View through a page refresh 

Solution for XIQ SSO certificate expired or expiring 

APs on 40MHz Radio Profile Still Use 20MHz Channels 

Where can I find documents related to XIQ? 

Hydrawise Controller can't connect to AP5010 

Amazon Echo devices won't connect to WPAv3 enabled SSID 

Is there a way to see what the difference's are for connected XIQ Access Points marked Using Device ... 

XIQ | Newer AP models (AP410C, AP305C) get assigned native VLAN 1 at device level configuration caus... 

Can GTAC perform a change of the Access point region or country code manually? 

XIQ -What does the connection chain in device overview mean ?(Device 360) 

How to select an existing IP Object in the Firewall Rule Configuration 


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